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Episode 23: git-svn, one tool to rule them all!



Listen to the podcast On episode 23, we discuss the ever important subject of version control.  We talk about distributed vs centralized version control systems through two popular implementation: git and subversion (svn).  More specifically, we go over how to partially or fully convert existing repositories to the more modern distributed paradigm.  While you listen to […]

The Cost of Knowledge



In the post-SOPA/PIPA haze, a website was recently launched called the Cost of Knowledge.  This site is basically a petition for a vote-of-no-confidence against Elsevier, a major academic publisher.  By signing your name to their board you promise to refrain publishing,  refereeing, and/or performing editorial duties for any of Elsevier’s many journals.  At the time […]

Advice to Grad Students



One of my friends, who is a graduate student in Math and Statistics and is a rock-solid developer besides, asked me for some advice today.  They have seen posted around their university offerings for positions (presumably in other departments) for graduate students who can program.  It is true; there are some savvy professors out there who want to […]

Episode 16: Numpy’s Datetime, Domain Specific Languages, Workflow Management



Listen to the podcast Episode 16 is in a ‘Lightning Round’ style where each of our panelists brings a topic to the discussion. We then proceed to hack it out, as briefly as possible. The three rounds this week are numpy’s storied datetime implementation, trying to mix domain specific languages, and workflow management for the […]

Open Hardware Summit 2011 – Call for Submissions



The following part of the call for submissions for the 2011 Open Hardware Summit 2011 in NYC!  You can find the original post here.  Open Hardware and Conference Chairs Alicia Gibb and Ayah Bdeir were featured on inSCIght Episode 9. The Open Hardware Summit (OHS) invites submissions for the second annual summit, to be held […]

Episode 13: Data Array Summit – The (Near) Future of NumPy



Listen to the podcast On episode 13, we recap the events of the Data Array Summit that took place last weekend at Enthought HQ in Austin, TX.  The summit was a chance for NumPy developers from the community  to meet face-to-face and talk about the ‘labeled array’ or ‘data array’ concept that seems to crop […]

Episode 11: Austin NoSQL Meetup



Listen to the podcast On episode 11, we depart from our traditional episode format to cover NoSQL databases.  What differs about this episode is that we covered a panel discussion that took place at the first ever Austin NoSQL Meetup, right here in Enthought’s headquarters!  In addition to hearing the aggregated wisdom of our very knowledgeable panelists, you’ll also […]