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A Big Challenge From an inSCIght Guest



Sumana Harihareswara brought the fun to Episode 27: Ladies Who Learn And Code. Now, she’s bringing a big challenge to the geek community.  Sumana and her partner,  Leonard Richardson have pledged to support the Ada Initiative with a generous, $10,000 donation matching challenge. From Valerie Aurora’s Geek Feminism post on the topic : Sumana is a joyful, passionate […]

Episode 30: Check Please!



Listen to the podcast On episode 30, we talked about code review. We had a lovely chat with a few Kitware software development experts who gave very informed perspectives on the efficacy of various methods of code review. We also talked about a piece of code review facilitation software called Gerrit. This episode addresses obstacles […]

Episode 27: Ladies Who Learn And Code



Listen to the podcast On episode 27, the henspeckles were flying. In April, we had a very lively chat with some very inspiring women in computing and computing education. This episode discusses the importance of educational organizations like the ones that these ladies are leading, addresses some challenges and opportunities for women in computing, and […]

University of Chicago Software Carpentry Bootcamp



This post was cross-posted from in case you’ve been wondering what your inSCIghtful panelists are up to when they’re not making podcasts. This week, Anthony, Katy, and Milad were doing this : Software Carpentry brought a boot camp to the University of Chicago with collaboration from the FLASH Center at the University of Chicago’s Computational Institute and The […]

Episode 25: Advanced School For Scientific Software Development



Listen to the podcast On episode 25, we discuss the Advanced School For Scientific Software Development, an educational effort in Trieste, Italy supported by the International Center For Theoretical Physics (ICTP) under the aegis of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). This workshop was organized […]

Episode 14: Accessible Science with Hacker Spaces



Listen to the podcast On episode 14, we discuss an accessible hacker space model for innovation and education at Sector67 in Madison, WI. Panelists address questions including: What is Sector67, and what is a hacker space? How are the folks in this and other hacker spaces contributing to technical education? How did Sector67 converge on […]