A Big Challenge From an inSCIght Guest

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Sumana Harihareswara brought the fun to Episode 27: Ladies Who Learn And Code. Now, she’s bringing a big challenge to the geek community.  Sumana and her partner,  Leonard Richardson have pledged to support the Ada Initiative with a generous, $10,000 donation matching challenge. From Valerie Aurora’s Geek Feminism post on the topic :

Sumana is a joyful, passionate member of the Wikimedia and open source software communities and a living example of the Ada Initiative’s vision: A world in which women are equal and welcome participants in open source software, open data, and open culture.

Anyone who listened to her passion and verve on episode 27 will have no doubt of that. I hope you’ll join me in meeting this challenge by donating TODAY : http://donate.adainitiative.org.

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