Episode 24: ParaViewWeb

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On episode 24, we discuss ParaViewWeb, software for interative, 3D browser-based
web visualization based on a client-server architecture. We go over the
technologies that make this possible, including JavaScript, WebGL, Java Applets, Flex,
and JSON-RPC. The role of this next-generation collabortive visualization
technology is discussed along with its challenges including high-bandwidth
connections and sometimes limited hardware and software support.

On today’s show our crew of hosts includes:

  • Utkarsh Ayachit (special guest)
  • Sebastien Jourdain (special guest)
  • Matthew McCormick (moderator)

This week Utkarsh Ayachit joins us from Kitware, Inc. He has
been one of core developers of ParaView for the past 7 years and is the Project
Lead for ParaViewWeb.

Also from Kitware, Sebastien Jourdain started as a Research
and Design engineer for the Scientific Visualization team in February 2010.
Since then he developed ParaViewWeb and the Collaboration framework underneath
the latest ParaView.

Intro/Outro Music: ‘Boolean Array’ -Social Bot

Show Links:

  1. ParaViewWeb Wiki (http://paraview.org/Wiki/ParaViewWeb)
  2. ParaViewWeb Demonstration
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