Episode 21: CMake

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On episode 21, we discuss the cross platform build system popular in scientific
computing: CMake. We cover how CMake lets developers use the tools they are the
most efficient with, the origins of the CMake project, and what goes into making
CMake easy to use. We also discuss new features in the recent 2.8.7 release
including Fortran support and enabling Fortran compilation on Windows. Finally,
we get the inside scoop on why you should try the RC’s, how to contribute, and
strategies for managing a successful open source project.

On today’s show our crew of hosts includes:

  • David Cole (special guest)
  • Bill Hoffman (special guest)
  • Katy Huff
  • Matthew McCormick (moderator)

This week Bill Hoffman joins us from Kitware, Inc. Bill has
20+ years of experience with large C++ systems. He is a lead architect of the
CMake cross-platform build system and co-author of the Mastering CMake book.

Also from Kitware, we have David Cole. His contributions to
the open source world are primarily found in the CMake and CDash source trees,
but also in ITK, VTK and ActiViz .NET. Most recently, he’s been the driving
force behind building the release binaries, acting as the CMake release manager.

Intro/Outro Music: ‘8bit crit’ – Social Bot.

Show Links:

  1. CMake (http://cmake.org/)
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