Episode 18: SciPy 2011 Recap

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For episode 18, we grabbed a group of attendees at the SciPy 2011 conference in Austin, Texas. We recorded an hour-long episode in which we discussed absolutely everything SciPy — the tutorials, the keynotes, the different tracks, the trending talks… It was amazing. It was epic. The stuff of legend. Scientific Python FTW!

This is not that episode.

Disaster struck; the Awesome Episode was lost.

So we recorded an abridged episode. This one. It still covers the essence of SciPy 2011, just more succinctly. Also, it has more hysterical laughter and bizarre non-sequiturs, because it was getting very late and sleep-deprivation was getting to be a major problem.

We hope you find it interesting!

On today’s show our crew of hosts includes:

  • Jordan Blocher
  • Paul Ivanov
  • Martin Ling
  • Aaron Mueller
  • Anthony Scopatz (moderator)
  • Géraldine Van der Auwera
  • David Warde-Farley


Intro/Outro Music: ‘Radio Moscow Funk in A’ – TexasRadioFish

Show Links:

  1. Links to SciPy talk videos coming soon
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