Episode 14: Accessible Science with Hacker Spaces

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On episode 14, we discuss an accessible hacker space model for innovation and education at Sector67 in Madison, WI. Panelists address questions including:

  • What is Sector67, and what is a hacker space?
  • How are the folks in this and other hacker spaces contributing to technical education?
  • How did Sector67 converge on this unique format for teaching classes to the public?
  • What have these hackers learned about teaching people technical things?
  • What can educators and computational scientists learn about educating and innovating from this space?
  • Where does this teaching paradigm fit into an engineering education landscape?

On today’s show inscightful panelists include:

  • Katy Huff (moderator)
  • Joe Kerman
  • Chris Meyer
  • Benjamin Stein
Joe Kerman is an active member of Sector67 in Madison, Wisconsin and has a background in network administration. He ran a local internet service provider for twelve years and now, while in search of  a new career he promotes, supports, and takes advantage of the resources at Sector67.
Chris Meyer is the founder of Sector67 in Madison, Wisconsin. He is a recent Masters graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Mechanical Engineering program and kickstarted the Sector67 hacker space with prize and grant money he garnered as a student.
Benjamin Stein is a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is devoted to the improvement of STEM education, tutoring weekly at a local elementary school and participating actively in the Delta program for teaching and learning at UW-Madison.

Intro/Outro Music: ‘Rococo’ – Arcade Fire

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