Apps for Science (Episode 12 erratum)

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Have you hugged a scientist today? If not, here’s a way to make up for it. Go sign up now to compete in scientific publisher Elsevier’s Apps for Science contest on It’s a great opportunity to make life a little easier for research scientists and win yourself some profit too.

What’s that? You’re concerned that Elsevier will ask you to sign away the intellectual property (IP) of your app, and possibly your firstborn, because you heard Geraldine say so on Episode 12: “Hacking Education : crowd sourcing for the win!”? Well, we’re happy to report that she’s an ignorant fool it was an unfortunate misunderstanding and that’s not the case at all. We’ve been assured that participants retain integral rights to their solution IP. Here’s a couple of screenshots from the “Apps for Science” website to prove it (click to see full size):

Apps for Science


And in case you were wondering, here’s the explanation for why the competition is restricted to a few countries:

“The reason we have lawyers in each country is because these competitions are considered promotions and generally fall under promotion law, which is different in each country. The majority of apps challenges are often partly illegal in that they aren’t appropriately vetted by attorneys. We have the rules vetted by attorneys, which costs money, and therefore limits the number of countries an apps challenge should be launched in.” — Brandon Kessler,

(Geraldine grumbles: “Maybe I should have gone to law school instead of getting a PhD in biology, it sounds like a great racket. I wouldn’t be so poor. Hmm. I need a hug. Or an awesome App for Science!”)

So with that little misunderstanding cleared up, we encourage you to check out the Apps for Science contest!

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