Episode 2: Introducing Scientific Data Visualization, Dimensionality, & Interactiv…

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In episode 2, we introduce the concept of data visualization with an eye towards scientific computing. In specific we try to address the problem plotting in an intractable number of dimensions and why a scientist might choose an interactive graphical interface rather than a static one. Unfortunately, the skype-gods must be angry because they rudely interrupted us. Perhaps it was their way of saying that we had talked long enough!

On today’s show, our crew of hosts includes:

  • David Doria
  • Matt McCormick (organizer)
  • Anthony Scopatz (moderator)
  • Peter Wang

Additionally, I would like to extend an invitation to any listeners who want to contribute back.  If you have an interesting idea that you would like to see a show about, please let us know; we are always looking for more panelists.  Moreover, we are also looking for more female panelists to supplement our current lineup.  So if you know any women in science OR computing who would be interested, please let us know as well!

A special thanks to Matt this week for organizing today’s panelists while I am under the weather.  Matt, you’re the best!

Intro/Outro Music: ‘My Little Suede Shoes’ -Charlie Parker

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Show Links:

  1. Visualization Toolkit, 3D Interactive Plotting (VTK)
  2. Chaco, 2D Interactive Plotting
  3. OpenGL
  4. Matplotlib, http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net
  5. ggplot, http://had.co.nz/ggplot/
  6. Mathematic, http://www.wolfram.com/mathematica/
  7. Paraview,  http://www.paraview.org/
  8. pyvtk, http://cens.ioc.ee/projects/pyvtk/
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